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Mama i ja mini - spring water made for children

Thinking about the needs of the very young children, Mama i ja has created a new product - spring water Mama i ja mini in a small 0,33L bottle with a label decorated in funny cartoon sea creatures.

Mama i ja mini is spring water made with the youngest children in mind. Perfect for long walks and outdoor activities. Small and neat 330ml bottle makes it easy for small hands to get a good grip on it and a new sport cap mouth piece makes drinking more comfortable for those who still learn how drink without spilling. 

Another element of the product is a new label design. Original and one of the kind sea creatures with happy faces will capture your child's imagination. There are three distinct designs to choose from - green crocodile, pink octopus and blue sea dragon. Both boys and girls will find a favorite character to choose from. 

Emphasis on proper ingredients 

We also have to mention that a new bottle and a attractive new label is just one side of this amazing product. The other side is the emphasis on proper ingredients, adjusted for the youngest children. Mama i ja mini spring water is characterized by a low level of minerals, especially sodium. This way it can be safely consumed by not only pre-school children but also by newborns. 


Mama i ja min - spring water for children